La Volta (2018)

VisiSonor – VR113

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Ensemble Black Pencil:

Jorge Isaac – recorder, artistic director

Matthijs Koene – panflute

Esra Pehlivanli – viola

Marko Kassl – accordion

Enric Monfort – percussion


1) John Dowland: Come Again

2) John Dowland: Galliard to Captaine Pipers Pavin

3) Thomas Morley: Joyne Hands

4) Klaas de Vries: From Far … Broken

5) John Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs

6) John Dowland: Lachrymae Pavane (arr. Roderik de Man)

7) Roderik de Man: La Volta

8 ) Thomas Morley: La Volta (arr. Roderik de Man)

9) Thomas Morley: The Frog Galliard

10) William Byrd: My Lord of Oxenfords Mask

11) David Dramm: Sorry

12) Thomas Morley: La Coranto

13-15) Oene van Geel: Bayachrimae

16) Thomas Morley: The Lord Souches Maske


The inspiration of “La Volta” is the performance practice of music and compositions from the Elizabethan period, specifically Thomas Morley’s “First Book of Consort Lessons” (1599), the most significant publication for broken consort during the Renaissance.

Black Pencil’s own arrangements of a number of consort pieces are being combined with new works by Klaas de Vries, Roderik de Man, Oene van Geel and David Dramm – each composer taking a very personal view on the Broken Consort music.